Summer to Fall- Flowers to Attract Attention

As the last of the true summer months, August brings heat, but also a time to consider what you want to do with your landscape come fall. Quickly the fall months will be upon us, bringing about a myriad of new challenges to your landscape. As the days begin to shorten, and the leaves begin to turn color, there is one sure thing that will need to be done on your property. If you have been keeping up with your annual rotations, then you know now is the time to check out fall flowers, to maintain the color of your property. Your summer annuals will begin to dwindle and die, but you cannot let your property die with them. You also can begin to plant some perennials and bulbs, to give yourself variety. Replacing old flowers with fresh fall colors should be a high priority, however, you may not know exactly what to plant. Here we will go over fall flowers to attract attention to your Florida property.


An extremely hardy annual, these flowers can survive down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be found in singular bright colors, with a dark center, and should be planted very compactly. This also makes them great candidates for planters or containers. They can be found in red, white, purple, and yellow. Additionally, they love the sun and produce a wonderful scent.

Snap Dragons

Another one of the easiest to grow annuals, these grow anywhere from six inches to three feet tall and can be found in essentially any core color. They do well in full sun and can be healthily planted in containers. They make a great border, so consider this when planning for your landscape.


This is a great year-round perennial for Florida, and when planted now, can remain in your yard for quite some time. They are extremely drought-tolerant and will do very well when summer rolls around. Growth is typically from 18 to 24 inches high, and some fertilization may be needed.


Also known as “Periwinkles”, these colorful plants love the full sun. They are known to suffer some disease issues, but if caught early, should not be an issue. Found in red, white and pink, there are even bi-color varieties for a more unique look. Once again, preparing for a great look in the summer, they will tolerate the heat, and are classified as a perennial.


This is a low-growing annual, only reaching a foot in height at the maximum. It blooms fragrant flowers, with delicate, toothed petals, that make for a gorgeous look. It can be found in many unique shades of purple and pink, from lavender to salmon, so you can get creative. Very bushy, the bases will be thick and green.

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