Ten Tips To Start The New Year With A Healthy Landscape

As the previous year comes to a close there is much to look back on, with some positive, some negative. With the pandemic playing a big role, the outdoor focus was as hot as ever, as individuals spent more time at home, and in their landscapes. If this has ignited a passion for landscaping on your property, or if 2022 is just another year of making sure your grass grows green, starting the new year off right in your landscape should be a priority for all. No matter the results of last year, for you, your family, or your landscape, it is time to look forward, and use these ten tips to start the new year off right, with a healthy landscape. The better off your landscape is, the better your property, its curb appeal, and value.

1) Give Yourself a Fresh Start with a Clean UpTen Tips To Start The New Year With A Healthy Landscape

The first thing that should be done in your landscape is a clearing of all debris, trash, or things that simply do not need to be there. Viewing your landscape in its entirety, free of eyesores, will allow the creative energies to flow all year long.

2) Plan for the Future

While the look of your landscape at this very moment is obviously important, so is its health in the future. Whatever this future looks like, from consistent maintenance by a professional, to a DIY garden, make sure you know what the future holds, and plan accordingly. Regular maintenance is essential to a healthy landscape.

3) Plant some Initial Color

Lack of color in the winter is a problem for many across the country. However, a blessing of the Florida climate is the numerous varieties of hardy, cold-tolerant annuals that can be planted, and bloom in the wintertime. Add a pop of color, you won’t regret it.

4) Show off your property with Landscape Lighting

As the days are shortened, adding a few extra hours with lighting in your landscape is a great way to maximize your investment. Make sure everyone sees the hard work you have put in, and will put in this year to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

5) Schedule Spring Fertilization

Growth in your landscape typically begins in the spring, as temperatures rise, rainfall increases, and the sun is out longer each day. To give your green material the boost it needs, from turf to tree, fertilization will add much-needed nutrients to the mix.

6) Add a Layer of Fresh Mulch

Insulating roots from the cold, preventing soil compaction, and keeping out weeds are a few of the many benefits mulch has to offer. Organic is great, but rock can also be a cost-effective way to achieve many of the same benefits.

7) Educate Yourself on Potential Problems

Learning is never a negative return on investment, and this is especially true when it comes to your landscape. Utilize educational resources, like our blog, to learn more about potential pests and diseases that you may face, before the problem arises.

8) Invest in Irrigation, Before it gets Hot

Your lawn is a vital piece of your landscape, and keeping it lush and green should be a priority. If you have been hand watering, installing an irrigation system may be the right path to take. With better coverage, less overwatering, and more money in your pocket to invest into your landscape, what could go wrong?

9) Get Creative, Take Risks

If there was ever a time to experiment in your landscape, the time is now. Whether it be a splash of new color or the addition of a new hardscape, there are a million ways to do something new and exciting in your landscape. You just have to take the chance!

10) Work with the Professionals at Taylor Anthony 365

Everyone always wants to know the secret to a healthy landscape. Well, the truth is, working with Taylor Anthony means utilizing the most experienced team in town, pairing the best quality of work, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Commercial or Residential, Taylor Anthony is prepared to help you manage your landscape by providing the right solution for your situation, call us today at (904) 230-3386.