The Best Time To Fertilize Your Lawn

Health is important in every aspect of life, let alone landscaping. The well-being of any living thing is going to determine its behavior, and how it interacts with the world around it. This is why maintaining a healthy landscape is just as important as keeping a landscape maintained. Obviously, the health of your overall landscape is a composition of the individual health of your plant material. Trees, shrubs, and plants all need nutrients, but your turf is the topic of discussion today. Lawn fertilization is the process of artificially adding nutrients to your lawn, which in turn act to improve the health of both your soil and turf. Greener grass, stronger blades, and a healthier lawn are sure to be the results of fertilization. However, there are a few things you need to consider from fertilization benefits to the timing in order to maximize your gains.

What is Fertilization? Overview and Benefits

We talk about fertilization all the time on our blog, as it is a very prominent lawn care service. Although you may have heard us discuss it before, we want to overview it for those newer to landscaping. Lawn fertilizer typically contains three chemical components that individually contribute to your lawn and soil health. Nitrogen makes your blades of grass greener, while potassium and phosphorus are focused on long-term root development. Getting these nutrients into the deep root systems in your soil strengthens the roots, which is how your turf grows healthily. Oftentimes the nutrients your turf needs are not naturally available, so fertilizing inject them straight to where they are needed. Fertilization will also improve your turf’s resistance to disease and pests, which comes with an improvement in lawn health. The same can be said for weeds, which will be scared to go anywhere near your healthy turf. Your soil will also be healthier long term, which means future growth will be improved. There are really no downsides to fertilizing your lawn, and it is something that every property owner should integrate into their landscaping plan.

The Best Time To Fertilize Your LawnTiming: When to Fertilize Your Lawn

If you have decided that fertilization is something you would like to have performed on your lawn, you are probably wondering when the best time is. The explanation is rather simple, both spring and fall. Fertilizing no later than mid-April gives you a boost of nutrients right before the highest growth point of the year. Additionally, fertilizing right before the fall gives your turf nutrients to hold over through a potential winter freeze, and dormancy. Think around September for fall fertilization, giving plenty of time for the nutrients to do their thing.

Who needs Lawn Fertilization?

With the many benefits we have discussed, this answer is everyone. No matter the size of your property, lawn fertilization is a must to keep your lawn healthy. In combination with routine maintenance, a fertilized lawn will be lush and green, adding an amenity to your property. Improved curb appeal and property value come right along with an improved lawn, so commercial or residential, let the team at Taylor Anthony 365 fertilize your lawn. We promise your turf will thank you in the long run.

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