The Best Ways To Use Flagstone In Landscaping

The goal of every landscaping company is to create and maintain the landscape that the client desires. In the case of Taylor Anthony, we serve a diverse range of clients, from large commercial properties, to residential homes. The common desire among these property types is to show off, either to neighbors or potential tenants. This requires a creative approach to landscaping, integrating innovative styles to catch the eye. In recent years there has been an increase in landscape sustainability, and a focus on efficient resource use. With that, many people are looking to decrease the amount of green material in their landscape. They are looking to replace it with lower maintenance alternatives, like flagstone hardscapes. Here are the best ways to use flagstone in landscaping.

Flagstone: Common Hardscape Material

At first, you might be a little confused about what flagstone is. Don’t worry, everyone has been there. Flagstone is broken up sedimentary rock that can be found in cut pavers, or irregularly shaped stones. They are laid on dry or wet beds, and are an inexpensive option to add many types of beautiful hardscapes to your property.


One of the best qualities of flagstone is that it can be found in all sorts of shapes and sizes, still in a paver format. These square or rectangular pavers can be installed in cool patterns, or striking colors, made out of a variety of stones. Patios are also great outdoor hosting spaces for both property types. This added amenity is sure to increase your property value, and curb appeal. They also take up a significant portion of the lawn, which will now not need to be mowed or maintained.


These can be installed two ways, as side-by-side pavers, or as spaced-out stepping stones. Both can be a creative look, connecting areas of your property together. On larger properties flagstone walkways can add to the feeling of safety, allowing for defined paths of travel. They can also add structure and symmetry, which will be aesthetically pleasing. This whole process with flagstone would be much more inexpensive than excavating a path.

The Best Ways To Use Flagstone In LandscapingEdging a Water Feature or Garden

If your property possesses a pool, you need some sort of flat area that can be stood or sat upon, but also brave the elements. Flagstone is a great option and can be installed in a sort of mini-patio fashion around your water feature. Note that this same concept could also be applied around a fountain, fire pit, or even a garden. Walkways around the edge of a garden can section it off from the rest of your landscape, protecting your plants.

Low Rise Retaining Wall

For a cheap but effective retaining wall, you can utilize flagstone if you keep the height low. Retaining walls can do well-draining sloped lawns, as well as providing another firm area in which to install color. Flagstone can be stacked to make this type of retaining wall, although mortar should surely be used if you want a long-lasting wall.

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