Top Tips To Choose The Right Irrigation System For Watering Your Landscape

In thinking about all the various needs a healthy lawn has, it would be hard to overlook the need for routine watering. Of all the nutrients that any organism needs to survive, water might be the most important. Especially in the world of landscaping, you can be sure that every plant, from turf to tree will utilize water to grow. In an ideal world, natural rainfall would provide your lawn with all the water it needs, but drought is not an uncommon occurrence here in Florida. To avoid the problems that come with drought, many property owners install irrigation systems to efficiently disperse the optimal amount of water to their landscape. However, the world of irrigation can be complicated, with different methods and systems offering a wide variety of benefits and confusing claims. We are here to set the record straight with our top tips to choose the right irrigation system.

  • Modern TechnologyTop Tips To Choose The Right Irrigation System For Watering Your Landscape

The number one priority in the selection of an irrigation system should be modern technology. Recent advances in irrigation technology have made it simpler for users to water their landscapes, with smart features like weather monitoring and automation. Newer systems will generally offer these features, and older systems simply cannot keep up. If you invest in a system that is too old, not only will it be more difficult to maintain, your watering efforts will be hindered by countless issues no longer affecting new systems.

  • Know Your Property

While it may seem obvious, knowing the specifics of your property is important in irrigation system selection. Larger commercial properties may possess expansive patches of turf, while residential homes might be aiming to water their garden or plant beds. Certain systems are better suited for certain circumstances, with drip irrigation systems working great for flower beds and shrubs, delivering a steady stream of water to the roots. On the other hand, a smart sprinkler system can be easily automated to efficiently cover a large expanse of turf.

  • Smart Irrigation Settings

The number one problem costing property owners money is overwatering. Commercial properties are the primary offenders, with improper coverage leading to non-green areas being watered. Watering when rainfall has already provided an adequate amount of irrigation is another cause. When choosing an irrigation system, you want one that allows you to automate timing based upon real-time data analysis, calculating the optimal amount of water for your property. This will generally be less than you think, resulting in more money back in your pocket to invest elsewhere.

  • Consult the Professionals at Taylor Anthony¬†

Yes, we may be biased, but the certifications that our team holds are not. Nowhere else in our area will you find a better-trained irrigation team, from installation to maintenance. When you express your desire to install an irrigation system, we will help you pick out the best system for your landscape, and consult you on your maintenance needs. Our goal is to conserve water and lower your bill, which we imagine you would like to do as well.

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