What Are The Benefits Of Drainage Solutions?

With all of the inclement weather that we so often see in Florida, excess rainfall can often cause problems in your landscape. When water builds up on your property, it creates a breeding ground for disease and weeds. Although your home may have rain gutters, these will just shuttle the water down into your lawn where it can pool up. If this has ever been a problem on your property, installation of a drainage solution is your best bet. There are a variety of ways drainage solutions can be installed in your landscape, with the best solution depending on the specifics of your problem. Some common solutions you may have heard of include french drains, downspout extensions, and drainage pipes. Today we are going to cover the many benefits that these drainage solutions can offer your landscape.

Prevention of Disease and Weeds

It is well known that excess moisture can create a cesspool of fungus, which can lead to both lawn disease, and weed infestation. If there is too much water sitting on top of your soil, that means that the roots of your turf have taken their fair share, and your soil is unable to soak in any more water. This is why finding the optimal amount of water for your lawn is so important for irrigation, and even more important when that water is pouring down from the sky in uncontrollable amounts. 

Avoid Soil Erosion

Water runoff is a primary cause of soil erosion, which can lead to all sorts of problems in your landscape. When soil erodes, it takes the roots with it, which can lead to your turf being pulled up when your soil becomes a soggy mess, or a plant bed being washed away completely. Using a drainage solution to push runoff in a particular direction can avoid this issue entirely.

Potential Foundation Issues

On top of your landscape, drainage solutions can actually protect your home itself. If you have ever dealt with foundation erosion, we are sure you know where this is going. Keeping water away from your home is vital, as even limited water accumulation can cause seeping into your foundation, which leads to cracks and weakening damage. Your home is your largest investment, and drainage protects it from the elements. 

Get More Use Out of Your Lawn

Beyond the landscape health concerns that come with the flooding of your lawn, it is awfully inconvenient should you want to use your yard. When your lawn is a muddy mess, your kids cannot play, you cannot host friends, and your pets will track dirt inside. Drainage solutions would prevent your lawn from ever reaching this point, pushing excess water into a safe area. Rather than ruin a nice pair of shoes trying to grab a stray basketball, install a drainage solution and never have a worry. 

Less Time, Less Maintenance

For all of the reasons described in this blog, you can expect less landscape maintenance when you install a drainage solution. Flooded lawns must be fixed, and we know you do not want to deal with that. Rather than waste your valuable time on an issue that can be prevented with drainage, spend time in your dry backyard enjoying the company of friends and family.

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