Landscape Jobs: Why Taylor Anthony is a Destination

Gardener mowing the grass with engine powered mower at urban park. This is a mid-size walk-behind rotary model

If you’re someone looking for a landscape industry career, then you’re likely looking for a place where you can have longevity. While the landscape industry has gotten a reputation for being made up of companies with a “revolving door of employees,” the truth is, there are companies where you can find a landscape job and call home.

Taylor Anthony is one of those places.

In fact, our team members tell us that they think of Taylor Anthony as a “destination company,” for a few key reasons. If you’re considering a landscape industry career, here are some reasons that you might want to think about applying with us.

It’s More Than “Just a Job”

Landscape Foreman with landscaperYou may have worked at some dead-end landscape industry jobs in the past—and you’re looking to avoid that same-old type of position. That is, a position where you never feel like you have the opportunity to grow or advance.

One of the main reasons why a position with Taylor Anthony is thought of as “more than just a job,” is because we are out to provide careers. That means that we offer growth opportunities in which our people have the chance to climb the career ladder and advance from within the company. Because of that, we have a good track record of team members that choose to stick around for the long haul.


Positive Company Culture

One of the biggest problems at a lot of landscaping companies starts from within as a problem with the company culture. You’ve possibly even worked at places like this. The toxic work environment makes it an unpleasant place to be, and you just can’t wait to get home every day. Management doesn’t seem to value the team members and negative behavior amongst employees is not discouraged. Problems are never solved so they only fester—and grow. There isn’t a good work/life balance and peoples’ time isn’t respected.

We’ve heard that all of these concerns are real-life problems that landscape industry employees have experienced and are reasons why they haven’t stuck around at a particular job. But at Taylor Anthony, we are committed to providing a positive work environment. It’s just part of who we are. We are a family business that treats our people like family. After all, we recognize that without them, we couldn’t do all that we do. Therefore, it is so important to us that our team is truly happy coming to work each day. Not just a landscape job, but a growing career.

Competitive Pay – What do landscape employees make?

Of course, we recognize that people are ultimately looking for any career as a means of making a living to support themselves and their families. We know the importance of providing a livable wage. Unfortunately, there are plenty of landscaping companies that offer pay which is difficult for people to make a living off of—and that has given the industry as a whole a bad rap.

But at Taylor Anthony, you can anticipate that we offer competitive pay. We know that in order to attract the best people—the people that we want on our team—we have to pay well. And that’s exactly what we do.

This is another key reason why so many of our team members stick around for the long-haul and we are known as a destination company.

landscape employee holding plants

Put Down Roots with Taylor Anthony

If you’re looking for a company where you can settle down and build a career, then we’d love for you to consider a role with Taylor Anthony. We are growing and are looking for qualified team members who can grow with us. We invite you to submit your application for employment and at least have a conversation with us.