Why Your Landscape Company Choice Matters: What You Need to Know About Liability and Workers’ Comp Insurance

As you contemplate which landscape company to hire for your property needs, you may find that larger, more established companies like Taylor Anthony 365 tend to be more expensive than one-man shows or small-scale operations. It’s tempting to opt for the cheaper option, but before you make that call, there are critical factors you should consider. One such factor that drives the price difference is the presence of essential insurances like liability and workers’ compensation.

Understanding the Overheads

Larger companies usually have overheads that small-scale, one-man show companies don’t. It’s not just about the workforce; it’s about legal and financial protection too. For instance, business insurances like liability and workers’ compensation are often considered ‘extra costs,’ but in reality, they are protective mechanisms. These types of business insurances have seen an increase in premiums, not unlike your home insurance.

Why Your Landscape Company Choice Matters: What You Need to Know About Liability and Workers' Comp Insurance

Liability Insurance: Protecting Your Property

When a landscape company works on your property, things can go wrong. Whether it’s damaged property or an accidental mishap, without liability insurance, the financial responsibility falls on you. A landscape company that holds liability insurance, on the other hand, ensures that their insurance company will take care of any damage to your property. It provides you with peace of mind and financial security.

Workers’ Comp Insurance: Safeguarding Against On-Site Injuries

When you hire a company to work on your property, you are also assuming some level of risk. If an employee from the landscape company gets injured while working on your property, and the company doesn’t have workers’ comp insurance, guess who might be responsible? Workers’ comp insurance is designed to pay for the medical expenses and some portion of lost wages for an employee who gets injured on the job. Therefore, it’s a crucial element that protects both you and the workers involved.

The Risks You Take With Uninsured Companies

Opting for companies without proper insurance to save money might sound like a good deal initially. However, you’re exposing yourself to significant risks such as slip and fall lawsuits or property damage that you cannot recover. It’s a risk that could end up costing you far more than the initial ‘savings’ you might make from hiring a cheaper company.

Why Your Landscape Company Choice Matters

Verifying Insurance Coverage

If you’re uncertain about a smaller company’s insurance status, ask them for a Certificate of Insurance (COI) made out in your name with policy coverage. A failure to produce this document typically means they’re not paying their insurance premiums and are not adequately insured, thus putting you at risk.


The price difference between large and small landscape companies is not merely a reflection of the service quality but a measure of the protection and peace of mind you get. At Taylor Anthony 365, we pride ourselves on offering services that not only elevate the beauty of your property but also provide you with the security and peace of mind you deserve. Make a choice that protects both your pocketbook and your property.

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